A day on Naoshima Island

Still feels like just yesterday, and all the memories from Naoshima Island still fresh in my head with its mediterranean atmosphere combined with a laid back, rural feel it's just about 3 hours away from the busy Osaka city. Vivid recollections of each & every place I visited, from the quiet little streets filled with history to the amazing art museums. Naoshima is a place that displays modern architecture, minimalist art along with stunning nature off the coast of Honshu, Japan. A place where I've read a lot about and even wrote my final year essay based on the architecture on the island. A place that I've never thought I'll be visiting anytime soon and in this trip to Osaka, I made a day trip over to the Island.

With much anticipation I took a short ferry ride to Naoshima Island. Never have I felt so carefree and content with just being somewhere.. Somewhere surrounded with surreal art, nature & architecture. It was the same everywhere I went on the island -- quiet, stupefying displays of beauty and art with breathtaking sea or landscapes in the background. The slight solitude of both the nature & old streets there simply draws me towards exploring the place and finding out more about the history. It's definitely a place I'd revisit, to discover more.

A little more about the places I visited and some tips. The main ones I dropped by are Ando Museum, Chichu Art Museum and Lee Ufan Museum. After visiting the museums I took some time for pictures and strolls by the beach and around the town hall area with little shops selling lovely prints, books and other souvenirs all about the art and architecture on the Island. 

Lastly, upon arrival at Miyanoura Port by ferry, you’ll see Yayoi Kusama’s red dotted pumpkin just a few steps from the terminal. And, the yellow one is showcased over at the pier facing the Benesse Hotel.

If you do have extra time you may consider heading over to the other art islands floating in the Seto Inland Sea. Mainly Teshima and Inujima they are also part of the Bennese art site just like Naoshima!

That's all I have to share on the beautiful Naoshima Island, enjoy!  

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