Lake Kushiro Adventure

As always, impromptu and last minute decisions are sometimes the best ones, this has got to be one of the most memorable and fun experiences I've ever had on my trips to Japan.

I just happened to stumble upon a post on Facebook about Lake Kushiro and then went on to click into a few more links from there.. Somehow ended up on a website in full Japanese about canoeing at Lake Kushiro and then I went on to book an adventure for my family and I. And nope, I didn't regret my decision at all. I remember the day was about 5°C along with the cold winds by the lakes but the locals that brought us around labelled this as "a Warm Winter". We then drove to the location picked up our canoes, changed into our drysuits, got our boots on and some hats & gloves to keep ourselves warm and covered from the light drizzle. 

I’m pretty sure it’s not just me, sometimes I just love gloomy and rainy days. Even though I do appreciate bright days with clear blue skies but gloomy days does have its own charm and I’d still really enjoy shooting on foggy and dull days as much as on a clear day. I really loved the setting of how the greens and blue still stand out with an added mood and mysterious vibe to it even though everything seems as though there’s a fade filter applied to it and colours are mostly washed out. And I was lucky enough it was only a sight drizzle so I could still work around it. 

The views of both the wetlands in Akan national park and though the winding Kushiro river were simply breathtaking. Being able to be so near to everything, taking in all the sight and sounds of nature is something I’ll never forget. Being able to witness the flora and fauna up close in such a surreal and quiet setting was simply amazing. Complete with the sounds of water flowing down the stream, raindrops against the waters, the wind and rustling leaves along with the little chatter, shared laughter and exchanging stories with the local guides. Every part of this impromptu adventure was worth braving the cold, wind and the drizzle for. 

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