Spring in East Japan 

April 2016

The best moments indeed always happen when they are unplanned. The best adventures are also always the spontaneous and unexpected ones where you just pack your bags take everything and go. That was exactly it for my trip to Japan last April with some of my friends. 

In this trip, we met new friends from Japan, cycled along the coast of the Sea of Japan, saw the most beautiful Sakura blooms, visited beautiful heritage sites & waterfalls, spent clear blue evenings by the lake with views of Mount Fuji and so much more. We also spent some time in the city covering shrines, parks, museums, walking down crowded streets lined with sakura trees and watched the sunset over Tokyo from 54 stories above, which was absolutely amazing.

I may have missed out listing some parts of the trip above but it was definitely an unforgettable adventure with so many pictures I'd love to share!

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