Venice Visual Diary

Dec 2018

I've always seen pictures all over social media of this beautiful place. Never thought I would actually be there to experience it myself but last December, on a family holiday trip we had Venice on our itinerary! I was really looking forward to this part of the trip throughout the entire holiday and it definitely did not disappoint..

Just like the pictures I have seen all over the net, it felt like stepping onto a film set. Even though paint on most of the buildings were faded and chalky, and the water down the canals were not as blue as what we all see on Instagram, it was such an experience. Very different from any other destinations I have been to. From the little alleys leading out into open piazzas filled with lights and music to the quirky local antique gift stores that lined the more touristy streets. There was always something unexpected at every corner! That was also how we stumbled upon the most amazing restaurant, Osteria Trattoria Al Nono Risorto. Best dark chocolate gelato was also discovered in Venice at Gelatoteca SuSo! I am a BIG fan of dark chocolate desserts and this by far was the best (and darkest) dark chocolate gelato ever.

We also hopped on a ferry to get to Burano, an island of Venice filled with rows of vibrant, rainbow-coloured fishermen houses. It has a very different vibe compared to Venice, less crowds and more peaceful. If you have a day to spare while in Venice, definitely add Burano to your list!

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